Who Is...

I am a mountain biker through and through, a geek, a nerd, call it what you will. If it has two wheels, I love to ride it or take picture of it.

Picking up a camera & capturing the moment on adventures is really how it all started.

Documenting the world of cycling through my images has become an obsession.

Main Focus

My work is centred around the sport of mountain biking, & any form of cycling to be honest. My background is writing, creating content & marketing. Picking up a camera was the missing link for me. Having written for Dirt Magazine, MBUK, Cranked, Factory Jackson, MBR Magazine, Gran Fondo & Eskapee,  has allowed me to gain valuable experience along the way. 

Working with me

I am always trying to make things easy for my clients, flexibility with travel, time scales & individual project needs are what matters to me. 

Please get in touch using the  contact form to discuss ideas, articles & pricing.

Phone: +447773602963

Email: info@sandyplenty.com

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